Seeing as we have already interviewed Groinchurn within our pages, but we still wanted 
something from them for this issue, we decided to break from our traditional interviewing 
style and just get Groinchurn's views of the tracks on their new 3" M-CD released as a 
Co-release by Dark Ages and Happy Hamster records.  If you have or haven't got the CD yet, 
these are Groinchurn's views on what the songs are about:

1. Already Dead:
This is from the new album "Fink". It's a bit different from our previous stuff, a bit more 
experimental from our side, musically. Anyway,  it takes a bit of getting used to I guess...
Anyway, it's not really a reflection on the full album at all, because the full album is 
quite varied, so you can't really call it the "single" from the album or anything... Cool 
song though, we think.. haha!

2. Let's put the fun back into fundamentalists:
A little number we re-recorded - it's personally one of my favourite songs from the old days. 
It's basically an anti-fundamentalist song, against the so-called "moral majority" that 
control and decide the way people should act and behave. Old and overly conservative people 
who decide what is acceptable for a completely different generation. They try to force 
old-world values on young people who have grown up in a different world completely. It's 
a standard for our set, so you'll always hear this song at a show.. It was originally 
released on the Four Ways to Misery 4-way split CD we were featured on a few years back - 
It was circulated quite well around Europe but we only got 40 copies to get around SA, 
so no-one really got to hear the songs on that, and  like I said we always play it live, 
so re-doing it seemed like the right thing to do.

3. Satan Spawn, the idiots
Also a song from the 4-ways comp that we decided to redo. It's also an old favourite. When 
we originally did it, we finished it about the day before we went to the studio, Christo 
also near to finished the lyrics in the studio... Basically, it's not as literal as it 
seems - it's not an anti-Deicide song, or rip-off.. We used the title to make it easy for 
the people we were directing it to at the time to understand that we were being sarcastic to 
them. Basically, lyrically it's directed against the people who arrive at shows wearing the 
most evil t-shirt they could get past their mom, with no idea of what their image entails, 
no clue as to what the scene they are supporting is all about. Basically the people who we 
were writing about at the time are probably already onto the next trend by now anyway... 
Being into extreme music as a lifestyle isn't about your hair, or your t-shirt. It's about 
what you feel, and nothing can change that, no matter how many pentagrams you have on your shirt.

4. Toadlee
Our Dagga song... The lyrics are a joke on how the dope-heads in the Vaal Triangle speak, 
like fully bru... It's a good fun song especially live... That's it, nothing deeper there. 

5. Genocidal Tendency:
This track was recoded live in Ibbenbuhren in Germany on our tour with KRABATHOR and SANITYS 
DAWN. It was the only show we got around to recording while we were over there, so we 
thought it would be cool to include some songs as bonus tracks. G.T. is one of the very 
oldest GROINCHURN songs, from the first demo, "Human Filth", which, by the way will be 
released along with the "Every Dog has it's decay" demo, and some extra bonus tracks, on 
CD pretty soon. It's an anti-nazi song, pretty relevant at the time thanks to (no thanks 
to?) the presence of the A.W.B.. Basically, the GROINCHURN "Nazi punks fuck off" . Funny 
enough, skinheads are so dumb that we actually had them specifically get up and jump 
around to this song at shows, right after we've just given a speech-and-a-half on how 
stupid they are. Oh well....

6. Contraceive:
Also from the show in Ibbenbuhren and originally recorded on the "Every Dog .." demo in 1994. 
The song pretty much deals with the catholic indoctrination of third world countries. There's
overpopulation and famine, and they still preach against contraception. Christians are clever 
huh? At the time we dealt a lot with social issues like this in our lyrics - these days I 
think the stuff is a lot more personal.

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