We here at Dark Ages recently had a few short words with Gutted Remains, one of our all time 
favourite South African Metal bands, who have just released their  debut CD on Kick Arse 

CRUSADER: It's been almost a year since you first announced your album release, why the delay?
GUTTED: After the launch of the 13 CD on which we first released PRIEST we kinda struck a deal
with Bill from Marbil Records for the release of our full album. After we finished recording 
with Leon Erasmus, Bill took a duck leaving many a pissed off band. Since then we've been 
trying to raise the money ourselves but that just wasn't happening. Fortunately Anthony from 
Kick Arse Records heard of our woes and came to our aid bringing the long sought after bucks 
which allowed us to continue with the release of "The JUDAS GOAT".

CRUSADER: Can you maybe refresh the readers on what to expect from this album?
GUTTED: As most of you know "The JUDAS GOAT" is our debut album which means that we have 
included nearly all of the songs that we have played live up till now plus one or two 
surprises. We've tried to keep it as live as possible by not killing the album with too 
many studio effects which a lot of bands tend to do. Leaving us with a kick ass in your 
face production that'll keep you begin for more.

CRUSADER: I have noticed on your sampler tape that the band is playing faster, why the change 
especially on the song PRIEST?
GUTTED: After listening to "Priest" on the 13 CD a number of times, we felt that it lacked . 
It just wasn't cookin''. The change in speed seemed to give it more life and we've done the 
same to some of our other songs after seeing what a big difference it made to "Priest".

CRUSADER: How is the crowd's response to the change in speed?
GUTTED: Great, so far we've heard nothing but good to the change. Probably cause the band 
really gets into it when were playing live and that kinda carries over to the crowd.

CRUSADER: Gutted got signed by KICK ASS RECORDS. How did you get the deal?
GUTTED: To put things right we're not actually a signed band. Kick Arse Records has only 
signed the album. Anyway. A couple of years back we used to rent a band room from Anthony at 
Cyberforce Studios in central Johannesburg. A real shitty part if town. Since then we've 
got on pretty well together and he was always helpful with equipment and things. When we 
moved to a band room closer to home and Anthony moved to his studios to Yeoville we kinda lost 
touch. When he heard we were looking for a financial backer he was quick to get involved. 
He must now a good thing.

CRUSADER: When will the album be available to the Metalheads of the world?
GUTTED: "The JUDAS GOAT" has been available since our album launch at ICON on the 5th 
September. Copies can be bought at all our gigs, at most Musica outlets around S.A. or contact 
the band at one of our addresses.

CRUSADER: In our previous interview (Scripture 2)  we asked you about special editions, can we still expect this?
GUTTED: No. Sorry, but due to the unexpected money problems that idea got tossed. Next album guaranteed.

CRUSADER: I spoke to you once about the Gutted merchandise, what will be available with this album release?
GUTTED: Available at all our gigs along with the CD we will be selling our JUDAS GOAT long 
sleeve T-shirts with a quote from Priest printed on the back and shortly we're expecting caps.

CRUSADER: Is Gutted Remains planning on doing a GUTTED SA TOUR? 
GUTTED: We haven't got a full tour planned as such, but we do have plans to promote the 
album throughout the country before the end of the year. Hitting Jhb, Pretoria, Durban, 
Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and anywhere else where we could spread the Gospel 
of the Gutted.

CRUSADER: Since the last time we interviewed you, has there been any changes in the band or 
the crowds response?
GUTTED: The band got really down after having to wait so long for the album to be released. 
The launch of The JUDAS GOAT has really pumped life back into the band and we feel that things
are only gonna get better from here. The crowds although small at times are always ready to 
get involved and party with us.

CRUSADER: Any last words from the guys of Gutted?
GUTTED: This album is only the first of many. We've already started working on new material 
for our next album which we hope to release about this time next year. The balls rolling and 
things are only gonna get better from here.


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