HATRED, a name that has always perplexed me, "Why isn't it used more"? I first got the idea as a kid listening to my newly acquired Manowar LP "Into Glory Ride", blasting the house out with (of course) "Hatred" and my mother screaming at me, "Why is it always 'Hatred' and 'Black Blood', Why can't they sing about the nice things in life?" ( I suppose it depends on your version of what's nice). Since then I always wanted to play in a band called "Hatred", I imagined the name would have been used much further back. I stand under correction but this is the first recorded band to use the title Hatred, apart from the fact that I now want to join them (hint, hint), I find their Metal to be of the highest quality. Hatred personify the violent attitude the name conjures up. Thus they are fully entitled to carry the Moniker "HATRED". Here follows an interview done by Lunatic in the early part of Anno Domini 1998.

CRUSADER: First of all I would like to get a band history from you! Where did Hatred come from?

HATRED: Hatred is from Alexandria, VA which is about 5 miles outside of Washington D.C. I was born in upstate New York and moved to this area when I was 9 years old. Tim was born and raised in this area, and Julio and David came here from El Salvadore in 1986

CRUSADER: How many releases have you had so far and what are they? Are any of them still available?

HATRED: The releases that we have available are "Daze of Darkness" which is a six song cassette, "Suffer" MCD and the new 2 song tape. The songs on the 2 song tape will be on our upcoming CD "The Offering" which will be a full length.

CRUSADER: Have you finished recording your next material? When will your full length CD be available?

HATRED: We finished recording about half the material for the new CD. Then the sound engineer backed out of the project because of other work obligations which he felt were more important. So we have to start all over again at a new studio. We will be recording July 18th and 19th at Oblivion studios and hopefully things will go better. The other was a joke from the beginning, every time we were scheduled to record, I would receive a call the night before and they would cancel.

CRUSADER: How would you describe your music? Where did the inspiration come from to create this music?

HATRED: Our music is influenced from all types of Metal. From Kiss and AC/DC to Maiden and Priest. Then from a lot of the Thrash and Death bands from the late 80's to early 90's like Overkill and Slayer etc. The songs are inspired by different things we see on the news or events. For example you see someone who has snapped and used to be normal and now they just killed their whole family! We try and write about what we think might be going on in their heads. Not just the brutality and gore but what their thought process is and why they did these things. This isn't what all our songs are about, but just an idea.

CRUSADER: There is a Swastika as well as a peace sign on your logo. Very controversial stuff, what do these symbols mean to you?

HATRED: There is also an "X" in the logo on the Suffer MCD. This is the symbol for the slain 60's civil rights leader Malcolm X. The peace sign is between this and the swastika. The sides of the logo also say Racism Kills. As a band we don't make music to preach, we just like playing heavy music. However we have had a lot of people ask us the meaning of our name and who or what the Hatred is against. The hatred is of conformity, ignorance, bigotry etc. We just think that people should be judged by their character after someone takes the time to get to know them not by the colour of their skin or if they have long hair. Personally I've asked people to come see us play who aren't into the music, and their response was that is devil worshipping music and they think that the bands are gonna be sacrificing animals on stage and all the people at the shows are gonna be insane. After convincing them to go, they were shocked that the people they met there were fairly normal and very nice and that they actually enjoyed the show.

CRUSADER: Do you prefer your beer in bottles or cans?

HATRED: I definitely have to say that I prefer beer in bottles, no question about it.

CRUSADER: The two tracks featured on your promo tape are "The Offering" and "Voices of Pain". Why did you specifically choose these songs?

HATRED: We chose these 2 songs because they were the only two songs finished at the time.

CRUSADER: How many vocalists do you have, I can't see how one vocalist can manage the deep vocals as well as the shrieks?

HATRED: Tim does the main vocals. Julio and I do the back up vocals. We also double vocals on some songs in the studio.

CRUSADER: What are your live shows like? Do you feel that you get enough chances to play live and what's the support like?

HATRED: We try to make our live shows energetic. We like the music we play and we like to let people know that. When I see a band play live I like to see them get into it. Not act like they're bored or are being forced to play. When there is a good crowd that is getting into the show and headbanging or there's a pit it makes it a lot easier for us to have a good time. It's depressing to play shows when you can hear crickets in between songs. We play live 1 or 2 times a month. It's enough for us now because everyone in the band works full time. I'd like to play every fucking day and not have to work a day job! For now that's just in my fantasy world.

CRUSADER: I find that instrument choice is a very personal thing, why did each member elect to play their specific instrument?

HATRED: I chose to play the guitar because there was no way I would have been able to play the drums in my parents house. I could turn down the volume on my guitar. Drums were my first choice, but now I wouldn't trade the guitar for anything. Especially after seeing how much of a pain in the ass it is to tear down and set up a drum set. Julio began playing bass when he joined the band. We all went to High School together and Tim was going to show him some things on guitar after school one day (guitar is what he originally wanted to play). We didn't have a bass player so Tim told him if he bought a bass and an amp he could be in the band if he wanted. So he did. David who is our drummer used to help us out when we played. Setting up and carrying equipment. Carl who was our drummer at the time wasn't working out and we knew that he was gonna quit or we would have to kick him out. We knew he probably wasn't gonna show up to a show that we had and David wanted to start playing drums, so he practised on a friends set a few times and learned 5 songs. David played the show and surprised the hell out of us and we asked him to join the band. We were all friends with him so we knew that we would get along. Tim originally wanted to be a singer, but started playing guitar and began splitting the vocals with our first drummer Jon because we couldn't find a singer.

CRUSADER: Complete the interview in the way best suited to you!

HATRED: I just want to thank you for the interview and your kind words about the band. I look forward to the next issue of The Crusader! Also, "Into Glory Ride" was one of my favourite tapes growing up. Hail Fucking Metal! I'm sick of bands saying they don't want to be associated with Metal,
Fuck 'em!

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