The Black Mass arises. Here follows the words spoken between Mocke and the 'evil' souls in Messe Noir.

CRUSADER: Can you tell us what happened in the early days when Messe Noir was formed? (Date, why the name, line up)

MESSE NOIR: Messe Noir was formed in 1995 when we had our current line up. Before that we went through many members. We actually had a five piece band, two guitars, bass, drums and a singer. The first guitar player quite because of a women and the bass player we kicked out because of a women (he did not show up for a show). We chose Messe Noir based on its originality, so that it would match the music concept. Messe Noir in French means black mass. We had many names kicking around like Eviscerate, we released one song on Natas compilation tape. When we kicked our bass player out is when we knew we were Messe Noir. The show we played that day was great, we played really fast and tight (actual sounded better without the bass player).

CRUSADER: We reviewed your demo "THE THRONE OF NINNINHAGAL" in the third scripture. I must admit I was really amazed at the sound and aggression you got captured on this demo. Can you maybe explain more to the readers about your non repetitive style and why did you decide to go this way?

MESSE NOIR: We chose the non-repetitive style of music because we hate the repetitiveness in every style of music today. Every type of music repeats, hate, aggravation and anger is were it comes from. So far as we know this is the first type of music that is structured in this way. It is really boring when you listen to music and it becomes predictable, its like watching a movie, I know what going to happen next. Music of today makes us frustrated, everyone is ripping off each other. The structure of the music is self is not that difficult you just have to listen to it more carefully. There are a lot of changes in songs like for example there are 22 different parts in the song, The Ancients.

CRUSADER: The songs covers the Ancient Sumerian Gods. Is this what Messe Noir believe in or is it only one of the interests of the band?

MESSE NOIR: The Sumerians were chosen because they are the oldest known civilization that was organized. They believed in many different things, so we have read about anyway. There are a lot of religious text are based on what the Sumerians wrote about. The Sumerians left us with a great amount area to think about and change what we all believe in. What I mean is that don't believe in every thing you here our read. I guess it is just an interest

CRUSADER: Does the band get a lot of problems in the US because of your brutal extreme music?

MESSE NOIR: We do encounter some problems because of the music, but I think that is because we are not religious. We tend to hang up tapestries of pentagrams, demons and symbols at our shows. some religious people get offended by us. But fuck 'em. We are only played on college radio, so I guess there are some problems. Some clubs won't let us play.

CRUSADER: Do you think you'll be able to play at DISNEY LAND? What do you think of Disney Land? (haha!!!)

MESSE NOIR: DISNEY LAND, that would be great, maybe mini mouse could stop by and do some back up vocals as we sodomize her little mouse figure on stage.

CRUSADER: How was the response on your demo and can we expect a full album soon?

MESSE NOIR: The response was enormous we can not keep up with all the people that right to us, we are getting Mixed up, who was that , that wrote what. We are releasing our CD titled " Mandal-Gate of the Calling" on August 14th 1998.

CRUSADER: In one of the local South African music magazines they featured an article on "Is Metal dead" (yeh right). What is your opinion on this and what is happening in the US concerning the Metal Age?

MESSE NOIR: Well metal is dead in the commercial realm of things, but the underground is much larger than what people really think, there are lot of people in the underground. METAL IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. We would not be having this interview (if Metal was dead).

CRUSADER: How is the crowds response to the band in the US and where is your favourite place to play?

MESSE NOIR: When we play out it is rather strange atmosphere. People tend to stare at us a lot. I t is very strange, it is like they are hypnotized our something. At one of our shows people could not stop staring at us, we just finished our set and starting packing up our gear and people were still staring at us. Some person yelled out "the show is over you can go now" and the people were still staring at us. It was really strange. We really do not have a favourite place to play.

CRUSADER: Back to the demo. Who is writing the songs in the band and how do you come up with the structuring of the playing?

MESSE NOIR: Joe and Matthew write the lyrics to the songs. The structure of the songs is first created by the Matthew on guitar then the drums are added and the lyrics last. Most of the time we have all the music created and the lyrics are added in last.

CRUSADER: Your cover on the demo had a very demonic "Venom" side to it. Why did you decide to use the famous Pentagram and Goats Head?

MESSE NOIR: This cover was sent to us by anonymous fan, the cover fit what we wanted to present. It was perfect.

CRUSADER: In your opinion do you think Metal as a force of power got more honest since we moved out of the glam 80's?

MESSE NOIR: Metal in the 80's was definitely glam bands in the commercial aspect, but there was a lot of good bands that set up foundations for the rest of metal today. Some of the bands that created those foundations are still around in full force. They just do not realize that the fans still listen to that old material.

CRUSADER: What is the bands influences and your favourite band to watch live?

MESSE NOIR: This is a hard question, influencing us is not hard to do, we listen to a lot of different music, and say OK this is not what to do. We have not really had that could of a chance to see any one live that good. But Mike and Joe went to the Metal fest and said that there were a lot good bands playing there.

CRUSADER: Are we expecting any tour dates in the future?

MESSE NOIR: Tour dates? good question , we are not sure what we are going to do about tour dates, they will probable in spurts, Show here show there. We are not sure yet

CRUSADER: I would like to take this time to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Any last words to the CRUSADER readers?

MESSE NOIR: The Crusade BEGINS!!!!!!!
If you are reading this then metal is not DEAD

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