Omen a Pretoria Stationed band was formed in June 1996 in the bar called McCoy's.  From that 
night the band has progressed in so many ways and grabbed all the true Metalheads of their 
Home town.  Speed and Thrash is making this band one of my favourite Metal bands.  
So Mout it be...  
This interview has been done in many ways and finally the final product came over the E-Mail 
system.  The questions were answered by all of the members of the band.
Mocke April 1998

CRUSADER: How did the line up in the band change since that night in 1996?

OMEN: The original band members were Werner on Lead Guitars, Morné on Rhythm Guitars, 
Niel on Bass, Hans on Drums and Dieter was the Vocalist.  Hans left the band and was 
replaced by Charles.  Dieter also left and the rest of the band are now doing vocals.

CRUSADER: Were there any other bands that the band members played for or did you start as 

OMEN: Charles played previously for Revelation, Necromancy and Wizard.  Morné played for 
Auscquebau and 4th Creation while Werner played for Headcleaner, Head and Auscquebau.

CRUSADER: How would you describe the band's music and what are the bands influences?

OMEN: Thrash-Death: Main Influences are Slayer, Iron Maiden, Deicide, Bathory, Megadeth, 
Judas Priest, Sepultura, Death, Obituary, Manowar, Stryder, Van Halen, Hendrix and thousands 

CRUSADER: In this 'zine we are reviewing your practice demo.  Are there any plans of 
going into the studio pretty soon?

OMEN: The band are ready for studio work and would like to start as soon as possible, but 
money is a bit of a problem.  Sponsors are therefore welcome...

CRUSADER: In our country we don't get to see many overseas Metal bands.  How are your 
feeling on the support for these bands when they come play here?

OMEN: We love it, from Napalm Death to Iron Maiden's concerts.  It should happen a lot more, 
though, especially bands like those mentioned in point 4.

CRUSADER: Being a Pretoria stationed band, how would you describe the Metal Support in 
this city?

OMEN: The Metal support in this country is up to shit, the people really suck.  But you'll 
always get the few true believers like Andre, Shaun and the rest of the bikers, Carlos, Jorge 
and the rest of Stryder, Stefan (Darcmoon), and Pierre, Johan, Joe and Ryan (Lunatic) and true 
musicians like Francois van Dyk, (not to mention all the close band friends, you know who you are).

CRUSADER: Omen is going to change it's name.  What are you changing it to and Why?

OMEN: With the new Vocal ideas the style of the band did change a bit, so we thought it would 
be cool to try out a new name.  Up to now there are no ideas, but we are holding a competition 
for the general public to send in their ideas on a name for the band.  The person(s) who win 
will get the chance to buy each band member a case of beer, Tel Morné at (012) 319-4054 during 
office hours with your proposals.  (Remember you need to buy 6 cases for Dark Ages cause we 
published the competition)

CRUSADER: You have played with some of SA's biggest Metal bands like Gutted Remains, 
Groinchurn, Retribution Denied, etc... Who is your favourite SA Metal band?

OMEN: There are a few good bands like Gutted Remains, Groinchurn and Metalmorphosis'
 stage performance is very good.  The band that is most certainly my favourite is Stryder 
because of their years of dedication to the cause of Metal.  Other older favourite bands 
include V.O.D, Debauchery and Urban Assault.

CRUSADER: You organised and played the BRUTALITY IN EXILE gig over the 
Halloween period and it went on for two nights.  How is your feeling toward the interests 
of the people and are we going to see shows like this every year?

OMEN: The crowd attendance for both evenings was very disappointing, especially if one 
considers the quality of the bands that played there.  We think that the venue itself 
may have influenced this because it was in a very unknown area.  But we'll definitely 
organize at least one such a major show per year, and each time it will be better.  For the 
people and the bands that did support the gig, thanks dudes!

CRUSADER: What do you think the biggest problem is in this country concerning Metal? 
(Example not enough radio play)

OMEN:  Radio play and TV coverage of live Metal shows on SA TV does not exist, People 
are not interested in local Metal anymore.  The reason for that is that the media treat shit 
"rock" bands from the coast and elsewhere as if they are gods, thus creating trends what 
the poor little wannabe Metalheads all over the country follow as if they really like that
 bullshit.  If Groinchurn, Stryder and other great local Metal bands received the same kind of 
treatment from the media, Metal would stand a chance in a country where 90% of the youth have 
no taste.  Please, woosie rock bands, fuck off and give real art a chance.  You are a lot of 
"urban creeps" and I "squeal" at the thought of "nude girls" who drink " just jinger" beer.

CRUSADER: You have been asked to play the DAWN OF THE METAL AGE gig for 
DARK AGES.  How are you feeling toward this?

OMEN: We feel honoured and are very excited about this gig.  It's for the right cause.

CRUSADER: What is Omen's future plans?

OMEN: Many songs, many gigs and the transformation of South Africa's Music Scene, 
starting with Pretoria.  O, yes, we would like to open for Slayer in South Africa...

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